Our mission is to develop technology that enables wildlife experts to increase the speed and accuracy of ecosystem quantification, thereby helping to protect species and ecosystems at risk.


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Alliances & Partners

At WIL, we work with scientists, engineers and conservation groups who share our vision and wish to use technology to help protect species and ecosystems at risk. We also partner with brands who empower us their knowledge, technology and other amazing gifts; both monetary and in-kind.

Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve

Meet our Advisors


Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolfgang Boos

Professor Boos founded the WZL Aachen PS GmbH and, in association with Professor Günther Schuh, the WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH. As its managing partner, he supports the tool and die industry on its way from traditional to industrial toolmaking with regard to the networking of systems, digitalization of processes and use of new technologies. 


Daniel Seidel

Daniel Seidel is one of the two founders of the Berlin based Space Startup LiveEO . He is also organizer of Europes largest NewSpace community “NewSpaceVision”. By applying AI on countryscale satellite data LiveEO generates usable insights for thousands of kilometres. This enables data driven decisions on management level as well as daily notifications for worker on the ground via web & mobile applications and asset management software integration.

Scientific advisor

Dr. Friedrich F. Reinhard

Friedrich F. grew up on Kuzikus. Together with Berend he manages the Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve. Friedrich is a trained microbiologist (PHD Université de Lausanne; MRes University of Nottingham/Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology; BSc. Hon University of Edinburgh).
Friedrich’s main scientific area of interest is ecological land use in the Kalahari. He is project initiator of the SAVMAP research project.

Scientific advisor

Berend Reinhard

An ecologist by training (MSc. Natural Resource Management Cranfield University, BSc. Hon. Ecology University of Edinburgh) Berend worked in ecological restoration Projects in Switzerland (Ö+L GmbH) before returning home for the daily management of Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve. Berend is very motivated by preserving the Black Rhino as a flagship species of African Wilderness.

Gib hier deine Überschrift ein

Gib hier deine Überschrift ein

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Our technological developments would not be possible without our marketing, finance and partnerships teams. These teams lay the foundation for the pursue of our mission to help nature with technology.

Get wild and join if, you’re an enabler, making goals possible while being keen to take on responsibilities for projects.

The core of our software are machine and deep learning algorithms developed by our WILD RESEARCH Team. Join if, you’re eager to learn while applying your domain expertise in programming, data science or innovation management in a meaningful way.
Together with our WILD Partners we test and validate our software in real world settings allowing us to generalize the algorithms while identifying the needs of many different nature reserves. Partner with us if you want to influence the development of the software based on your needs and working routines.
To fully integrate our algorithms in the daily work of nature conservationists our WILD Development Team works on creating a software platform developed with and for nature conservationists. This Platform compiles the data extracted by our algorithms and allows conservationists to plan and strategize.

Ideathon for NUST Students

Dear NUST Students. Please sign up here if you are interested to take part a our Ideathon at the 4th of December. More information you will receive by mail next week.

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